About Us

Sr Cera is the brand name in sanitary wares ultimate in range and classic category with changing tunes a multi colour combination of master craftsmanship colours and contours with smooth vitreous finish that re-define the classic taste.

what ever your life style we stand does to keeping your smile intact in exception. A matchers perfection to assert your clean confidence.

Sr Cera sanitary is a product for the people who lenf their products the identity of rare excellence missing is most others.

Sr Cera bears the testimony to the parameters of vision, quality and creation. Our every product has a story to tell as it rolls out in range. To became leaders takes more than time the constant satiation of our country wide customers.

As we change for better everyday keeping the range replenished with additing of continuos research and changing trends in production parameters.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make and manage authority position in the Indian
sustenance market. They plan to develop past limits of India and convey
worldwide acknowledgment to India for quality and proficiency.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the best quality items and fulfilled buyers.
Supporting India's development in the ceramic sanitary ware section
through pace, proficiency and advancement.‚Äč

The products offered by us are the highest quality Sanitaryware Products on the market today. You can find the best design, finish, and size you need to compliment your requirement.

With the offering of our newly design and wprimaryprinted product catalog to our esteemed customers, we hope that this catalog will help you choose your favorite products from huge selection of Sanitaryware Products.

"As per customers requirement we undertake to manufacture any kinds of bulk products. We also deal with flexible trade practices, such as manufacturing according to customer's Samples, Drawings, Designs or Brands, Processing with supplied material as well as compensatory trade and technical cooperation. We are willing to co-operate friendly with old and new friends and eagerly waiting to serve you."

We aim to achieve customer delight and to realize this vision, we are committed to supply products meeting customer requirements, ensure quality to all other possible

With us, you'll enjoy:

  • Huge Selection
  • Quality products
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Innovative & Fresh Design
  • Dedicated team of designers
  • In-house state of the art infrastructure
  • Preferred by architecture designers
  • Committed to give best
  • Wide Dealer Network
  • Availablity in top most showroom in major cities

Our products are Suitable for:

  • Commercial & Residential Buildings
  • Retail Showrooms
  • Offices
  • Corporate Houses
  • Mega Malls

Technical Specification of vitreous sanitary ware as per 2556 (part i) : 1994/2004

1. Crazing Test No Crazing Upto 2 cycls upto 5 hrs Each Cycle or 10 hrs At Presure 0.34 to 0.37 Mps. No Problem Upto 4 Cycle And No Crazing
2. Water Absorption Average Value Should not Exceed More Tham 0.5% Max 0.30% Show Batter Vitrification
3. Module Of Repture Not Less then 60 Mps. Min 70 Mps./ Min 80 Mps.
4. Chemical Resistance No Loss Of Reflectivity Of the glaze when Compared with control sample No loss of Reflectivity of the glaze when Compared with control sample
5. Resitance To Staining And Burning No Stain Shall Remain on Either of test peice No Stain Shall Remain on Either of test peice
6. Wavy Finish No On All Visible Surface No On All Visible Surface
7. Discoloration No On All Visible Surface No On All Visible Surface